sleeping awake

Sleeping Awake is an episodic, science fiction webseries set in the not-so-distant future in a decaying Los Angeles. It examines the human condition in a world that bridges both fantasy and reality.

The show centers around Jesse Logan, an FBI Agent with a tortured past, and how he copes with the devastating loss of his beloved wife, Amelia. Jesse is caught using a banned technology, and loses everything when he's kicked out of the bureau.

After Jesse is busted, the FBI forms a task force, and begins to work some peculiar cases they believe to be linked to the dreaming device. Jesse's former partner is charged with heading up the task force, and tries to entice Jesse to come back to the bureau. While investigating his first case, Jesse finds himself exchanging punches with a mysterious lucid dreamer (Mads Black).

Written and directed by Bryan Bailey. Produced by Natalie Henry.

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