BURNS is a dark comedy that follows misanthrope writer Sage Burns, aka Burns, through her daily thirst for mundane revenge and general inability to behave like a responsible citizen. A newly published novelist, she lives modestly with her roommate and best friend Rachel, who is soon to move out with her stuffy fiancé and leave Burns very alone. And thus begins a fiery downward spiral fueled by indignance and every form of self-medication.

Think "East Bound and Down," meets "New Girl," and they have a sexy, albeit cranky, child out of wedlock. Burns is an episodic webseries about Burns, her colorful friends (including a handsome and successful ex-boyfriend played by Mads Black) and their unhinged shenanigans.

BURNS is directed by Daniel Applegate and produced by Adriane Zaudke. The series is written by and stars Nicole DuPort.